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Movie2k News is back as Movie2k.TV - The original with the old leaders.

Four weeks ago three admins of have been arrested in several Germany-wide raids.

We, the remaining co-admins and admins, have decided to bring the original site back. Nobody of us knows why there are so many nearly exact copies of
But one thing we know: They were not created by us!!!

Many of the Movie2k copies are operated by old scammers. It is not hard to find out who that is.

Via serious sources we found out that the German political party Piratenpartei plays an important role in this story. Please try to avoid these scammers and clones for your personal safety. Also we doubt that they're gonna be existing for long.

What would Movie2k be without Stream2k? Nothing. For that reason we're working on it under high pressure for your pleasure.

Please tell all your friends that the real Movie2k is back :-)
Only Movie2k.TV is the original!